Anti Vibration Mounts for Power Presses

Anti Vibration Mounts for Power Presses
Product Description

Mounts for Power Press

Gerb VibrationControl Systems are the world leaders in the field of Vibration transmissioncontrols. Right from protection of buildings like Burj-Al-Arab, Dubai &BBC-London, to the industrial machines like generators, compressors, lasermachines & presses of all capacities, types & sizes are isolated by us.We have thousands of installations worldwide for presses for capacities rangingfrom 10t to 16000tons. Today in India, our system is rapidly gaining popularity& we are fast increasing the installation base. Our installations arealready at companies like, JBM-Neel, Caparo Mark Auto, Wheels India, BreakesIndia, Steels strips, Hwashin auto, Ford, Tata, Bajaj, Maruti & Toyota,Benz, BMW, Audi, VW, Rover, Fiat, Volvo, GM etc….. the list goes on…….


Use of our systemoffers several advantages, mentioned below. Kindly go throughthe same & we are sure you would appreciate our technology &understand, why all major companies are going for our system.


In addition to theseadvantages, our product comes with a complete back up support from a team ofqualified engineers from a German company, that has a rich experience in thefield for last 110 years. We are Making the products in India for over 25 years & offering local products for local needs.


Practically noVibration is transmitted to surroundings due to low frequency solutions

Due to reduced loadon foundation & practically absent dynamic loads, the foundation is safe,even if soaked with oil in many years.

Gerb Springmounts aredesigned in such a way that they truly last the entire lifetime of machine,without any maintenance.

In case of smallersize machines, as there is no need of big foundation, in most cases the plantlayout can be modified with extreme ease.

As the dynamic loadis not transmitted below, you do not need to isolate the foundation withbuilding column or use sand bed or air gaps. All the retaining walls also thenget reduced, cutting the cost drastically.

The GERB springmountsdo not change their property with time, does not settle, once installed &leveled – it lasts forever.

The machine works instress free condition, increasing it’s life & reducing the break-downperiods.

Due to stress free working the tool lifeincreases upto 150% +, hence you save on frequent & expensivemachining/replacement of tools.

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